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Other Processes

ANTON can provide you with non-standard processes according to your specification.


processes (1)

We can supply:

√ Ring rolling
√ Open Die
√ Closed Die
√ Hammer

Heat Treatment:

processes (2)

We can supply you with precipitation hardened / age hardened material. This can be heat treated from material we have in our inventory which is in the Annealed condition. i.e. Heat treating 718 AMS 5662 to AMS 5663 or 13-8/15-5/17-4 solution annealed to various conditions.

Boring Holes:

processes (3)

If you need a high-integrity seamless pipe or hollow section, we can bore round bar which we have in our inventory.


processes (4)

To achieve a more accurate dimensional tolerance or surface finish according to your specification.